How to Write a Blog post for begginers? – Awesome Step by Step Guide

How to Write a Blog post for begginers? – Awesome Step by Step Guide

Do you want to know how to write a blog post for beginners?

A blog post that grabs a lot of people’s attention not just by the moment you wrote it but in the future. Then this article is exclusively for you.

Do you know? “There are 3 million blog posts coming out every single day from 500 million blogs worldwide”. People think writing a blog post is easy as you just have to open a word document and write your post. You have your post right there. If you are a writer then you know how hard it is to write even if its small piece of content.

We all read articles online, but have you noticed that only a few articles really do not go out of your mind. That is called a great piece of content. Are you stuck with how to write a blog post?  In this article, I will explain a few fundamentals that are a must for writing a blog post which you can apply to your writing.

How to Write a Blog Post for Beginners

If you think using great vocabulary, and grammar and the right information is enough. You are wrong. There are many other factors to write a successful blog post. You can be a great writer still you may not have a successful blog post for your blog.

You maybe wondered how come a well-written blog post can be a flop. Absolutely it is possible, for example, you wrote an article that is well researched and very informative for your audience. Just because you have researched for hours and hours together and you want to put every detail on your blogpost.

That will make your blog post paragraphs are really long. On top, if you do not add any images or infographics to your blog post that makes it more awkward.

Paragraph photo with images

If you just put your text without any images like that, many people do not show interest to read your full article. Because it is creating the impression that it is a really long text and takes a lot of time to read.

When you are writing a blog post, make sure that you are covered the following steps

  1. Easy to Read
  2. The post should be visually appealing.
  3. You should have all the information and all the answers regarding the topic of the post.

We all have writers within us but turning out to be a good writer comes with practice. Good writing skill is a fetching point for your blog to increase its website rank in search engines

I would like to share some of my observations that I have learned from the top blogger’s posts.

9 Actionable Steps to know How to write a Blog Post for Beginners

    • Decide What you want to write 
    • Conduct a Research to Create an Outline
    • Featured Image is the face of the post
    • Write like you are talking to your friend
    • Great opening lines give a special kick
    • Use of Images, Infographics to Engage the audience
    • Call to Action
    • Make it Easy to Scan with a glance
    • SEO Offers Credibility and Trust

Step1: Decide What You want to Write

Everyone gets this situation of writer’s block. When you do not know what to write next. The best idea is to check out your niche related blogs and see what’s new and it doesn’t have to be what everyone else is writing. you can always choose the subtopics.

Choose Micro Topic to write a blog post

There will always be micro topics in the topics, Let’s say if how to start your blog is your topic then how to write a blog post is a micro topic, and how to improve your writing skills for blogging is a sub-micro topic of your blog. For every topic, there will be many micro topics and sub-micro topics. Pick up the right one.

Step2: Conduct a Research to Create an Outline

Brainstorming Ideas are building blocks of your blog to join the Top-ranking websites list. How do you get such ideas? You get only when you do enough research about your topic. By doing research you will know what other competitors are writing about your topic and what topics they haven’t discussed in their posts.

Research to Write a blog post

Then you can easily draft your topic into a beautiful and informative blog post. Do not forget to research the trending keywords for your topic use Best SEO Tools like Wordtracker OR keywordshitter

Step3: Featured Image is the face of Your Blogpost

It does not take much time for your audience to decide whether to the client on the link or not. But if you could include an attractive feature image to your post. That will increase the chance of your post to get views

If you doubt that your feature image doesn’t show up on Google search, yes it doesn’t show up in the search engine results but when you share it on the social media platforms, the only thing that grabs your reader attention is your featured image.

Step4: Write like you are talking to a friend                

The style and tone of your post play a crucial role, so write like you are directly speaking with your reader which builds a personal connection between your reader and your post. When you use the words “I” AND “You”, it gives the impression that you are talking to them directly to address their problem

Step5: Great Opening Lines Gives Special Kick

Kickass opening lines are always too good to engage your readers, I remember an opening like from Goodfellas movie “As far back as I can remember I always wanted to be a gangster.”

Find which opening lines work better for your blog post, you can write something personal, or some shocking fact or some beautiful quote that fits exactly to your topic. You can also tell them how your post can help them in resolving their problems.

Step6: Use of Images, Infographics to Engage Audience

Sometime if you failed explaining something in your writings, adding an image would do the job.

You can explain more complex information with one image rather than writing it down for pages. with an attractive image, you can also get more shares on social media platforms. Trust me Google knows how to read Images also, always add relevant images that will get you more traffic.

Step7: Create Call to Action

Call to Action aka CTA, CTA is basically a marketing strategy to sell the products, but you might wonder that we are not selling anything why do we need CTA.

There are many types of CTA You can click here to see the examples

Call to Action can also be “Leaving a comment” or “Subscribing to your newsletter” OR sharing your post on social media.

Step8: Make It Easy to Scan

Have you ever heard “Impatient Searchers”? These people don’t like to read your full article, instead, they will scan your headlines for the information that they need.

Research on how peoples read website says that 80% of your site visitors only scan through your blog post.

When they are scanning, we are sure that they do it in a rush. if your post is scannable, they can find quickly what they are looking for. That makes them stick back to your web post.

What makes a Blogpost Scannable?

      • Write Best Titles (Not intelligent ones)
      • Keep your paragraphs short
      • Separate Content with Subheadings
      • Short Sentences is the key
      • Make use of Bullet Points
      • Use relevant Images

Following these steps would make your post scannable if I missed any points don’t forget to comment on them.

Step9: SEO Offers Credibility and Trust

Being a good writer can get you a good blog post, but good blogpost alone can’t get you any traffic to your blog

To have a more reach on the internet you must focus on SEO for your blog, when you are installing WordPress it suggests Yoast SEO plugin. If you have not installed it yet. Please do, it will help you optimize your blog post and suggest you necessary changes.How to write a blog post for Beginners - SEO Image


Use Keywords in titles, paragraphs, Metadata, description, and URL as well using images will add more score to your SEO.

There are two types of SEO. On-page SEO and Off-page SEO, On-Page SEO where you will give examples and Link references and using keywords in title tags. Off-site SEO is creating backlinks to your website.

Learn how to do Onsite and Offsite SEO Here

I hope I have answered all the aspects of writing the blog post. If you like my post, please do comment, and share it on your Facebook.

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