How to Start a Blog: Swoon Worthy Guide to Make your First $1000

How to Start a Blog: Swoon Worthy Guide to Make your First $1000

How to Start a blog – Simple 360 Degree Guide

Do you want to know how to start a blog?

It’s no damn simple ultimate stupid guide about “how to start a blog” this is about how I started my blog and what worked for me and how you start your own blog.

As a Matter of fact, it’s my experience in my own blogging journey. When I started blogging in 2017 I don’t know how to start a blog. in fact, i don’t know what is a blog. back then there was not much information available on the internet.

But today the internet is totally corrupted. I personally read a lot of articles about how to start a blog and make money. but all of them say the same damn thing. some vague process of how to start a blog.

That’s why I have decided to help beginners who wanted to start a blog. they should have proper tools and processes in hand.

Click here >> Step1: Choose a Domain Name and Niche for your Blog.

However, My simple guide about how to start a blog is pretty straight and I only recommended on the go-to platforms which are working for me and thousands of fellow bloggers.

Let’s Dive in into how to start a blog and make your first $1000 within no time

I am Deepak Vutla your go-to blogger to tell you how to start your blog and make money in simple and easy steps. I would like to help you create your own blog but I am not doing any charity or not showing any courtesy.

If I help people to start their blogging career that will help me grow simultaneously. Moreover, I am fed up with all these tutorials about how to start a blog, step by step guides, ultimate guide, and bullshit.

Speaking about the information on the internet, All the articles say the damn thing get a domain and hosting and write a post and publish. Boom you have your own blog.

How to Start a Blog: Swoon-Worthy Guide to Make your First $1000

How to Start a blog and Make Money
How to Start a Blog

On the other hand, you will have a blog that I know, the real damn question is how the fuck I am gonna make money from this blog. When I ask how to start a blog. that itself means how the hell I’m gonna make money from blogging.

However, this article just isn’t about how to start a blog. I will also discuss how many blog posts you should write, what measures you need to take to write an SEO friendly blog post, and how to get approval from AdSense.

This article focuses on “How to Start a blog” AND “Principal concept of making money with your blog”


How to start a blog in 6 Simple steps:

  • Choose a Niche and Domain Name
  • Subscribe for the right Webhosting
  • Start a Blog with Free WordPress Themes
  • Write At least 5 Decent Blog Posts
  • Get AdSense approved
  • Start Making Money Blogging

Step 1: Choose a Domain Name and Niche to Start a Blog

There were an immense amount of article wandering around “how to start a blog” all of them tells you the same point that Select a Domain, and Niche. and they give you some random references. But before you choose your domain name you should decide on your blogging niche. A niche is nothing but a topic that you want to blog about.

In order to choose your niche, you need to Evaluate your passions and skills. This means you should understand what is your passion or interest and how well you can demonstrate that topic.

Once you figured out your passion then lookout and do some research about that topic. To learn about your competitors and the market for your niche.

How to Start a Blog: Swoon Worthy Guide to Make your First $1000

Choose a Domain name to start a blog

I would suggest choosing a narrow topic within the chosen niche. Let’s say if you have chosen photography as your niche. Cameras, lens, photography tips & tricks, Wild photography, modeling, men pose, women pose, etc. are the narrow topics with in the niche.

So, you can choose any minor topic of your niche and you can get specialized about one thing. Google also loves to rank blogs that only discuss one topic.

Now you have decided the niche and coming back to a domain name. since you have decided your niche it would be nice if you could include the related keyword in the URL.

For example, if photography is your niche, you can use clicksnpicks, Photogallery, photosforever, pixels, Pixar. These are the keywords for your domain because they are directly or indirectly related to your nice.

If you would like to see some suggestions for your domain name check out here 

If you do not like to use keyword then another popular way of choosing a domain name is choosing your own name. like how I have done. my blog address is my name.

Having an own name website adds credibility to personal branding. The final conclusion on choosing a domain is either you choose the related keyword or your name.

Step 2: Subscribe for Best Webhosting 

I Personally recommend Siteground Hosting. Honestly, Siteground isn’t paying me anything to promote them. But when I decided to buy a hosting service, I have done a lot of research.

It proved that Siteground Webhosting is the most reliable hosting company. Because they different plans for beginners which are cost-effective.

Siteground is Highly reliable because they have a 30-day money-back system in place where you can try packages and if you don’t like them you get your money back.

How to Start a Blog: Swoon Worthy Guide to Make your First $1000

Right Webhosting plan will help you create a better blog

This hosting provider has the best USPS than any other hosting provider like Uptime, Performance, and Speed. Siteground has 99% Uptime and no Downtime.

Sitegound has Exceptional Customer Support 24*7. An outstanding customer care service which transformed to a great level that you call them they will fix it. Site ground has excellent reviews from all over the world

I don’t want to confuse by giving too many options on this part. Just telling you what is working for me and thousands of fellow bloggers.


Step 3: Start a Blog with Free WordPress Themes

Start a Blog with free WordPress themes, As always, I am recommending what is working for me, which is WordPress. WordPress is being used by most of the big brands in the market. 35% of websites on the internet use WordPress.

Here is how to start a blog with WordPress Best Free Themes

WordPress has Pre-Built Content Management Systems which can be extensible with its Best WordPress press plugins.

Use Free Themes to Design Your blog
How to Start a Blog: Swoon Worthy Guide to Make your First $1000

There are 52000 Thousand free plugins for all the website needs like SSL, Forms, Emails Subscription forums. Post widgets etc. The best part of using WordPress is you build a dynamic and beautifully looking website with no coding experience.

Because of its big plugin ecosystem, you can create all types of websites like eCommerce sites, Local Directories, Social Networking sites, and blogs.

WordPress also associates with best third-party tools like Email Marketing, Payment gateways.

Moreover, WordPress is user friendly, SEO friendly, and loads so quickly. These factors help you achieve a better rank in the search engine results.


Step 4:Write At least 5 Decent Blog Posts

Write at least five decent blog posts and always remember to choose quality over quantity. When you are writing, write like you are talking to your friend and use I and YOU more in blog posts.

Keep paragraphs short and simple. That will not create any difficulty in readability and helps SEO. Check out how to write a compelling blog post

Do not use any copyrighted content. You can take inspiration from others’ work but you cant simply stole other’s work.

How to Start a Blog: Swoon Worthy Guide to Make your First $1000

Quality is all that matters

Use Images, Infographics. Make sure you are not using any copyrighted images again. There is a lot of free websites that will give you images for free.

Use Table of Contents and Make it Easy to Scan. Separate content with Subheading. Make use of bullet points and relevant images.

When you are writing take the help of any SEO plugins like Rank Math or Yoast SEO plugins. So that It will help you write more SEO friendly blog posts.

Don’t be afraid to use external links to give references and acknowledge your blog post. Use a good amount of external links and give references.

A good blog post has at least 1000 Words with Heading, Sub-headings, images, and External and Internal links.

Write Consistently, don’t give up. Blogging is no getting rich quick scheme. It takes time for you to see some money inflow. Do not lose faith in what you have started.

Step 5: Get AdSense Approval for your Blog

If you don’t know what is AdSense, AdSense is a CPC program that places Ads on your blog and pays you for the advertisements. A lot of people know how to start a blog but they don’t know how to get approval from Adsense.

So far Google AdSense is the CPC program compared to any other program in the market. A lot of people set up their blogs and write posts on everything. But when it comes to getting an AdSense Approval they fail.

AdSense has some standard set up requirements. if your website meets all the requirement then your blog will get approved.

How to Start a Blog: Swoon Worthy Guide to Make your First $1000

Get AdSense Approval

On this Page they have mentioned people from countries like Indian and China need to own the blog at least 6 Months. But nowadays it’s not matters. There are people who are getting approval in one just one month.

If you could write high-quality content, and if you have multiple categories then make sure you have 4-5 blog posts in every category.

Create an SEO friendly website. AdSense doesn’t approve websites that have copyrighted content. So do not do copy paste job OR taking images from google and putting them in your blog post.

AdSense has banned a few contents in their database. Contents like Violence, Adult Content, Drug abusing content, Hacking related content and etc.

Don’t worry about the traffic yet, because AdSense is not taking the web traffic to your website as a parameter. They won’t check for your web visits. Build a Quality blog and I am sure you will get AdSense Approval.

Step 6: Start Making Money Blogging

Now you know how to start a blog. But making money isn’t easy with a simple blog setup. many beginners make this mistake of setting up a blog of highly competitive Niche. For example, they start a blog about blogging and again there will also write “how to start a blog” that doesn’t work that way.

Instead, choose different and micro-niches, and also there are multiple ways that you can earn money with blogging. Here are some proven methods that work for you as a beginner.

Affiliate Marketing, eBooks, Selling Online Courses, you can sell guest posts.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the age-old marketing practice that lets affiliates earn money through their recommendations. its is one of the best way of marketing because you don’t have to have a product to sell it. you just have to build a bridge between buyer and seller. if the it turns into a Sale then you will get commissions. here is a detailed post about how to start a blog for affiliate marketing. 

How to Start a Blog: Swoon Worthy Guide to Make your First $1000

How to start a blog and Make money

But remember this is not an overnight business that will make you a fortune. As I told you before it takes a lot of effort and time.

If you could maintain the consistency in writing and publishing. And never compromise on the quality front. I am sure that it won’t take much time to make your first 100 dollars.  This is all about “how to start a blog” but do you want to know can you really make money blogging


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