7 Actionable Steps to Build High Quality Backlinks for a New Website – Ultimate Guide

7 Actionable Steps to Build High Quality Backlinks for a New Website – Ultimate Guide

Beginners Guide to Build Backlinks

If you are struggling to get high quality backlinks to your new website then read this article till the end. I will be sharing 100% working strategies that I have learned in my 4 year SEO Experience.

Speak about SEO, building high quality backlinks alone is a whole new ball game. it plays a major role in fetching a rank to your website. When you trying to build backlinks be aware that if you are getting links from malicious websites are a poor ranking website that may harm your SEO ranks

Today I am gonna explain how to build high quality backlinks in 7 actionable steps.

Lets Dive In..

What are high quality Backlinks?

In the world of SEO a high quality backlinks are said to be backlinks that route to your website from a high domain authority website that is trusted by search engines and the people.

Why High Quality Backlinks are important?

“Having 10 High Quality Backlinks are better than 1000 Irrelevant Back links”

Needless to say, the more high quality backlinks a blog has, the higher the chance that it gets ranked on the first page of Google search engine results.

Shockingly, there are 2 Million blog posts are being published every single day. But only 20% of the content is getting back linked from different sources because of the quality of their work. Rest 80%, more or less is garbage thrown into the ocean of the internet. Do not forget its quality and credibility what gets you a backlink not the quality and length of your content.

Remember, anyone gives a damn about your writings only when it is truly extraordinary or unprecedented.

Today I’m going to reveal my top strategy list to build backlinks. Let me be honest, all the articles on the internet will tell you the types of strategies but no article will tell you how to do it right.

But this article will help you understand the strategy to build backlinks and also makes you understand how to implement it right.

Let’s get started.

7 Actionable Steps to Build High Quality Backlinks for a New Website

Step1. Monitor your competitors’ keywords and optimize your content accordingly

Once you decided on your target keyword, search for it on Google, and take the first result of the page. Remember, 10 results appearing on the first page are your competitors for that chosen keyword.

For Example, “how to build backlinks” is your target keyword.

Search for it on google

As you see “How to get high-quality backlinks ” from Backlinko is ranking in number 1 positions. open the page and copy the URL. Then go to the Ubersuggest Free Keyword research tool and give the URL in the search bar.

Go to Top Pages Sections and find out where is your article on the list. When you find that article click on the “View All” button that is next to the title.

High Quality Backlinks Tutorial

When you clicked on “View ALL” you can see the list of top keywords for which that website is getting ranked.

Export the keywords and take the top 20 keywords on the search and Optimize your content around those first 20 keywords.

Get a Back link to your website

Step2. Find out links opportunities

Open Ubersuggest and type in your competitor’s domain and go to “Top pages” as showing in the picture below. See where is your target article is.

There will be two “View All” options one is for Keywords and the Second one is for Backlinks

Now click on the Backlink “View All” button.How to Build Backlinks

Here you can see all the referring websites to that article.

Building Back links

Now you know How to find the referring websites to your target article, Collect and copy all the website data to an excel sheet.

Since you know who can refer to your target article you can visit those websites and get the contact information.  Email them to see if you can build backlinks to your website.If your website is a new website most of the high authority website doesn’t let you build backlink from their site.

So, look for a website that is having less domain authority ranging between 30-40. They will help you build backlinks if your content is exceptional. It will be really nice if they linked to your target article. if not, see if there is any other chance that they could relate and link to your articles on different topics.

Step3. Feature a few of your competitors in an article

For people to discover your website you need to build networks within the industry and have connections. Whenever people are writing a new piece of content, they will keep you in mind a link your content to their writing.

There is no such a way that you write your own content and people will come, now you have to get in touch and tell them you love their work. As I mentioned earlier you will be gathering the website owners’ contact information and writing an email to all of them.

Not everyone will respond but few people will definitely respond. Pick them all to make list and choose the best 10 out the list and write an article about them and their work

Example of Email Template:

Hello Deepak,

I love your blog and all the work you are doing on (Website Name)

I want to give you a heads up that you were featured in my new article on (your website address)

Here is the link (Title of the article)

I really hope that it will drive some new traffic to your site.


Your name

Step4. Write a Guest Post to Build Backlinks

You have built some network within the industry; you can continue to gather contact information of people who are working on the same niche as yours and Write an email to all of them often. Before you do that you better do some research about their work and the articles that they have published.

It will be nice If some say “Hey I read your article on “how to get high quality backlinks, Amazing work and I loved it” sounds cool right.

I am Open to Guest post

When you write such a lovely email, most people do respond. you can let the conversation get going and tell them that you are open to guest posts on a couple of topics.

100% chance that they will likely take your guest post and give you a Do-Follow link. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

Step5. Use High quality Infographics for High quality Backlinks

Infographics are a great source to build backlinks. Using your research data figure out which data can be converted into an infographic. Most people do not like to put effort to create a infographic. instead, they would like to refer to other websites.

If you ask me, I would say we can convert every blog post into an infographic. Use well researched and statistical data to create something that adds value to the fellow blogger. That will let your secure a few high quality backlinks.

Best Use of Infographics can get you more backlinks

Infographics have wonderful popularity to build backlinks. Sometimes people may fail to explain the point but if they keep an infographic in place then it will be easy to understand for their readers.

My go-to place for creating an infographic is Adobe Spark

Step6. Repurpose Your Content to Create more High Quality Backlinks

Not everyone likes to read text content. few may like it in the form of an infographic, some may choose video over text. Considering that re-purposing your content for different mediums like Insta, YouTube, Pinterest, and Quora can give you more outreach. It will give you maximum results.

Moreover, it adds value to your content and there are high chances that it could get you high-quality backlinks.

Re-purpose your content

Recreate and Repurposing your content in all formats Images, Videos, Infographics, podcasts and share them on social media and leave your link out there in the description. It could be a no-follow link many times but it will bring you more audience hence, more backlinks.

Step7. Do Interviews, Podcasts with people within the industry

People will be excited when you say that you will take their interview or you will do a podcast with them. Use that to your advantage. gather some popular bloggers’ contact information and leave them an email.

When you are done making and publishing the interview apparently these people will share that in different social media. Also, they will publish it in their about me page as well. That way you can get a high quality backlinks from their site.

In addition to the high quality backlinks, you will also get exposure to how you need to improve your blog. And what aspects you should be focusing on.

Thank you for reading my article and if you know any proven methods to get high quality backlinks kindly drop a comment.


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