How to Find Low Competition Keywords: Comprehensive Guide
How to find low competition keywords

How to Find Low Competition Keywords: Comprehensive Guide

The secret to the success of your blog is to know how to find Low Competition Keywords. To be honest. Obtaining the right SEO score is not a big deal. In fact, the only complication that you are going to face is the amount of time and effort that you need to put to build your SEO.

Moreover, you don’t have to do everything on the SEO Checklist you can skip a few but If there is one thing that you can’t look over, that is keyword research.

The winning strategy to stand out in SERP results is one shouldn’t compete with high authority websites which focuses on high search volume keywords with high competition. In other words, you should only be focused to find low competition keywords in order to get your website ranked.

Finding the low competition keywords for your website is the basic fundamental of building a strong SEO strategy.

Without a strong keyword strategy as a solid base, everything else you do to SEO optimize is built on the baseless ground.

Do you want to learn how to research and use keywords effectively? I am going to explain how to find low competition keywords for free.

How to Find Low Competition Keywords: Comprehensive Guide

What does it mean to find low competition keywords?

The reality is your blog is not going to outrank the big players in the SERP results if you are just a beginner and started doing SEO for your website. By the way, SERPs are nothing but Search Engine Results Pages.

You must start slow by finding low competition keywords. If you write an article around these low competition keywords you will gain some website authority and page authority. Once you are started to winning in these low competition keywords, then you can slowly give it a shot too high competition keywords and high search volume keywords.


Find Low Competition Keywords
How to find low competition keywords

As an SEO expert, I advise you to find a high volume of low competition keywords. And I would recommend not focus on high search volume keywords until you earn some DA and PA. The industry temptation can make you to take bad decisions when it comes to choosing keywords.

Instead, focus on only on two things:

Find keywords that are relevant to your Niche

Find low competition keywords

So focusing on low competition keywords is the secret recipe to your success. Aim for high and you will not even stand a chance of ranking. Regardless of how attractive your content is,  the odds won’t be in your favor.

Here is How to find low competition keywords?

UberSuggest has the best benefit of finding those golden keywords that are so exclusive. This tool will definitely make a difference in your keyword research. it is the best keyword research tool to find low competition keywords free. I hope you are familiar with keyword research, now I will show how to find low competition keywords with ubersuggest

Find low competition keywords free

Visit and give your desired keyword then you will land on the keyword overview page

Click on keyword ideas you will see some keyword results as shown below.

how to find low competition keywords

Pick the keywords that are low in search volume and low competition and optimize your content around the keywords that you have chosen.

Make sure your keyword density in the article should be at least 1-3% of the word count of your article.

Similar Keyword tools to Find Low Competition Keywords

Finding the best Keyword tools to distinguish between low and high competition keywords can be a very hard task. However, there are few other resources to help you analyze and find low competition keywords.

SEMrush can be flagged as the cool Keyword Research tool in today’s market. It has a vast range of jaw-dropping features including keyword magical tool which allows you to find low competition keywords.

KeywordTool is a free low competition keyword finder. Basically, it is integrated with Google Instant, and Google Suggest. So that it can fetch real-time keywords and its completely free.

Every tool is unique in its own way. Take your time to do your research and see which tool works for you the best. Irrespective of which tool you use, there are chances that it can boost your traffic and pays off all your hard work.  See top ten free keyword research tools

Low Competition Keywords FAQ:

What is Low Competition Keyword?

Low competition keywords are keyword that has very few results and competition. You can know any keywords search volume and Competition using ubersuggest tool.

Low competition keywords will have a low PPC rate but It can show higher conversion rates depending on the niche. Ideally, as I mentioned earlier finding low competition keyword with high search volume is your ultimate priority

How to Find Competitor’s Keywords?

Checking on competitor keywords is vital for the success of your blog. By equipping yourself with information about competitor’s keywords and backlinks, you can take a competitive advantage.

Competition keywords can be two types, one is that your competitor is targeting but not ranking for. And the second one is your competitor is targeting and also ranking for.

You don’t have to spend too much time focusing on your competitors, but you can still stay current with your competitor target keywords by using spyful

Start with entering your competitor’s URL in the search box. It will show you what is the keyword being used. See how you can create and optimize content around those keywords.

What Is A Good Keyword Difficulty?

Keyword difficulty is nothing but a number represent the difficulty of ranking in SERP results. If the Keyword difficulty number is high that means it is difficult to get rank for the keyword. If the number is low then you can target the keyword and get ranked for.

Learn to find low competition keywords

To become a keyword specialist is quite a process, it takes a lot of time and effort. Start with generic keywords and eventually you will learn how to hit competitive keywords with low competition. There are many great tools to help you get brainstorming ideas. If one tool isn’t working for you then try another one.

Use free and paid tools to spy on competitor’s keywords and backlinks. Don’t hesitate to invest to build your portfolio. Sometimes paid results give the best results than the free stuff.


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