17 Easy Ways to Earn Money Online: Lazy Hack

17 Easy Ways to Earn Money Online: Lazy Hack

Today you’ll find all the possible ways to Earn Money Online in your free time. I will keep posting new methods on my website so go ahead and bookmark it. And if you like my post please share it with your friends.

Earn Money online with Affiliate Marketing

17 Easy Ways to Earn Money Online: Lazy Hack

Affiliate marketing

If you are familiar with social media or perhaps you even have a website or blog, you can start earning immediately by

promoting all kinds of products, services, and  Earn Money Online.

The main motto behind affiliate marketing is that you promote people’s products, through an affiliate link, you will earn a commission if people end up buying the product using your link.

The product owner will share his revenue on a percentage basis. To take further steps on affiliate marketing. Check out “How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?”

Starting a Website

Want to Earn Money Online passively? All you need a website. It’s the way to Earn Money Online while you sleep.

Start your website with Siteground. It doesn’t take much time. Anyone can start a website in 20 mins. All you is some plugging and social shares. Writing your posts and getting visitors to your website. There are thousands of ways to monetize your blog or website.

Read Deepak’s Step by Step Guide How to Start a Website in 2020

Online surveys to Earn Money Online

OnEarn Money Online by Surveysline surveys are super popular ways to Earn Money Online. A lot of companies are always looking out for new members. And also, these surveys are not geo-restricted as they are open to worldwide. Basically, Online surveys are nothing but answering questions and testing new products.

It doesn’t take much time. It’s like form filling, you can make some decent money with these surveys. Few surveys pay up to $5-$10

I am Listing a few websites which offer paid surveys.

Swagbucks YouGov, Hiving, Pinecone, Branded Surveys, InboxPounds, SurveyBods, Valued Opinions, Panel Opinion, The Opinion Panel,  LifePoints,  OnePoll, i-Say, Opinion Outpost,  Panel Base, Prolific, Valued Opinions

Note: Check out the full guide for Paid Surveys

Stocks Trading

While it isn’t necessarily an easy way to Earn Money Online investing in stock markets can produce plenty of profits if you learn to do it safely. By the same token, you may lose all your money if you don’t take it seriously.

Forex trading Image

Today there is no need for stockbrokers. Everything you can do everything from your phone You can take the help of online market trading platforms.

Testing Websites and Apps to Earn Money Online

As you are looking forward to Earning Money Online, I assume you are good at surfing the internet. If I say browsing websites can get you some decent money. Its fun right. Yes, you can Earn Money Online by surfing on the internet and checking on some websites and its functionality.

Introducing UserTesting.com – web testing platform that lets you Earn Money Online every day. The job is to review all kinds of websites. Each website takes around 10-20 minutes of time and pays around 8-10 dollars per review.

GPT Sites (Get Paid To Websites)

Just like money-making online from surveys, GPT sites pay you money and vouchers for finishing various offers or activities.

Swagbucks is one of the popular sites

Buy and Sell Domain Names

A domain name is nothing but a website URL. For example, www.deepakvutla.com is my domain name. there will be a lot extension like (.com, .net, .org, .us, .in)

17 Easy Ways to Earn Money Online: Lazy Hack

earn money online by selling domains

17 Easy Ways to Earn Money Online: Lazy Hack

The cost of any domain will be as minimum as $1 dollar. But it can fetch you in thousands in return when you sold them. In 2010 www.carinsurance.com got sold for $49.7 Million.

You might not get anything like that in today’s market since the competition is too high but with a bit of research, you can make decent money with domain reselling.

You need to check for the available domain with small commercial value. If you find something like that buy them and resell them other websites like Sedo or Flippa.


Write an eBook and publish it on Kindle

Earn Money Online by writing an eBookIf you are good at research and writing, you can take advantage of amazon kindle. With Kindly anyone can write and publish.

Writing for kindle will increase your reach to a global audience because kindly is available on almost all the devices.

List your book in kindle for $5-$10. Amazon will pay you  70% of the price to you.

If you want to write a successful ebook, do not focus on Fictional stories. Take a common problem and research about it. Bundle the information that you have researched and make is easy to understand format.

The best thing about writing an ebook is you will invest your time only once you and it will lucrative income for the years to come. For a full guide on how to write a non-fictional eBook. See “How to write a non-fictional book”

Work for ‘Clickworker’

It is an ‘internet crowd-sourcing’ technique where entities need to finish some tasks quickly. it’s a quick method to Earn Money Online from our bedroom.

’There will be different types of tasks, However, they all involve some kind of data entry or filling forms. We will be rewarded with money. you can cash out to PayPal. You will have an option to choose the type of work and when to work.

17 Easy Ways to Earn Money Online: Lazy Hack

Earn Money with Disney Movies

Disney always keeps the demand high for coming generations, Disney carefully plans, and the supply of a few releases classics. They will be locked away in the ‘vault’ for a decade before it gets released for a short unspecified time.

You have to buy those classic when they have released at normal retail price and you can earn a nice profit when they go off the sale for another decade or so.

For instance, if you bought Beauty and the Beast in 2011 for just £24.99. Now you could sell it for £74.99! because that’s what the price amazon is selling it for.

However, they don’t hold on every classic. Only very few and unique ones get saved for the vault.

If you are planning on buying any of the movies now you better go for The Lion King Diamond edition AND Bambi Diamond Edition

Fiverr Mini Gigs

Fiver is a place if you want to sell or buy small services. One of the best freelancing websites in the world.

What you sell is up to you, you can sell your writings, or you can translate data from another language, Social media advertising, literally anything.

The default price for any gig is $5 that’s why it is Fiverr. But you can different gigs to earn more money. there are a bunch of successful stories who are making good money from this site.

If you want to earn more money from Fiverr, the best way is to take gigs and outsource them elsewhere. In order to do that your profile needs to have professional attire. So that there will be a lot of gigs keep coming in your way and you can outsource them.

Review Music for Money

If you are a music lover and have good taste over the music. Then you can review the music for new albums and singles from upcoming or new bands.

Imagine earning money for every review that you leave while enjoying the music.

Check out Slicethepie.com. the site doesn’t pay much but even if you are earning in small sums while you are enjoying it. That’s sounds interesting right.

Head over to Slicethepie and read the quick guide to get started. If Slicethepie is not available in your country. Don’t worry there are plenty of other websites available. Research what site is working for your country.

Mystery shopping

Becoming a mystery shopper is easy, there are many businesses want to know the feedback of their services from the customer’s perspective.

They will pay to do shopping or to eat at their restaurants to how the staff is and to check on the hygiene and services etc.

Maybe this guide helps you become a mystery shopper. “How to Become a Mystery Shopper”

Sell your photos

If you are a creative photographer, uploading your photographs on free to stock websites.

Earn Money Online by selling photos. There are some categories that get very fewer photo results when you search for it. Look out for those kinds of topics and shot a creative photo and sell them on a free stock website. Getty Images and Shutterstock are such websites that buy photographs.

Detailed Guide to Sell Your Photographs Online

Freelance work

You might be a good writer or good at managing PR for someone on social media. You might have a bit of graphic designing exp. You can absolutely cash out from that little skill you learn in your free time. There are so many jobs to do as a freelancer.

The great thing about freelancing is you can work for any client across the world. And you get to decide when to work. Meanwhile you will also enhance and boost up your skills as well.

Try Upwork, it is one of the best freelancing websites so far.

Earn Money Online with YouTube videos

Based on a survey the world is watching a greater number of videos than the number of searches in Google every day.  As we all know Youtube has a partner program that will reward you for the advertisements that play on your videos.

If you become famous, have a great subscriber base then you can make a decent amount of money. See a free guide to Earn Money Online from Youtube

Earn Money Online from searching the web

Want to know how to get paid for what you already do online? This is so far the easiest way to Earn Money Online without putting a lot of effort.

Have you heard of Qmee.com? Qmee pays you money for searching in search engines like yahoo, bing, google. You just need to install a simple extension to your browser and when you do a search there will be sponsored results by Qmee alongside.

Every Qmee result will give a cash reward – if you think that result is relevant you can click and take the reward.

The best thing is there is no minimum for cash out, and if you like you can also donate it to charity.

Qmee is currently only available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

Conclusion: i hope you like my article about 17 Easy Ways to Earn Money Online: Lazy Hack, if you like my article kindly go ahead share it with your friends. 

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