Never Mess with Blog Descriptions and Here are the Reasons Why.

Never Mess with Blog Descriptions and Here are the Reasons Why.

Never Mess with Blog Descriptions and Here are the Reasons Why.

Blog descriptions are one of the major key factors for your website to get visitors. If you wonder why?

Although, you have done fascinating work on your SEO to get ranked in SERP results. If your blog descriptions aren’t attractive, then you won’t get any traffic. When your audience comes across your post on the SERP result, the first thing they see is your blog description next to your title. Your blog descriptions are the only thing that makes or breaks your user’s decision to visit your site.

The Description of the blog helps you to increase your traffic and gives you a better bounce rate. Between, blog descriptions are nothing but blog meta descriptions. My dear fellow bloggers, Today I am going to tell you how you can write better blog descriptions and also give you the best blog descriptions examples.

For most of the beginner’s blog descriptions may not seem important that’s why they ignore writing actionable blog descriptions. In order to get ranked in SERP results, blog descriptions are also one of the major parameters. If you don’t have a proper blog post description with a focused keyword in it. You may lose an opportunity to get ranked in SERP results

What is a blog description?

Blog Descriptions is nothing but a limited text that appears right below the link of your web site in SERP Results.

Blog Description Image
Never Mess with Blog Descriptions and Here are the Reasons Why.


Every page on your website or blog has an option to write a blog post description if you are using any SEO plugins like Yoast or Rankmath. These plugins let you write a description of blog pages.

How to Write Blog Descriptions?

We all write a blog post description when you doing on-page SEO. Similarly, you need to write a description for every page on your blog. Home page, about me and contact us pages must have meta descriptions.

If you are using Rank Math SEO then go to Pages >> Home Page Edit >> Edit Snippet.

Blog Post Description
Never Mess with Blog Descriptions and Here are the Reasons Why.


Not only rank math, but all most all the SEO plugins will also have these options to write blog meta descriptions.

5 Different Ways of Blog Descriptions that Works Effectively 

  1. Write what is your blog about (Niche)
  2. Showcase your endorsements
  3. Elements to build rapport
  4. Your experience that shows your authenticity
  5. State your Mission

Best Blog Descriptions Examples

Here are some best blog descriptions ideas which help you to get an idea of what to write in blog descriptions.


Blog Meta Description
Never Mess with Blog Descriptions and Here are the Reasons Why.


Bloggingx is the focused keyword he mentioned it in the blog meta description. Also used strong words like actionable blogging strategies which provokes user curiosity.


Blog Description Examples
Never Mess with Blog Descriptions and Here are the Reasons Why.


Firstguide used power words like Step by Step guide, tutorials are also written a call to action line that how you can start a blog in 15 mins.

Tony Robbins

Description of blog
Never Mess with Blog Descriptions and Here are the Reasons Why.


This Blog Descriptions interacting with the users and asking questions. also used a power word like a billion-dollar company.

By now you must have understood that they are not templates or a particular way to write blog descriptions.

How to Master your Blog Post Description for Better Traffic


I strongly recommend you add your focus keyword in your blog post description and make sure it comes in the first line of meta description and do not use the same key work multiple times. If you have long-tail keywords to include then use them in the second line of your post description.

2. Limit your Blog Descriptions to 160 Words

Its always good to limit your blog meta description to 160 characters. So that you use can see the whole purpose of your blog. But some times you can also go higher on the word count if you think it’s mandatory

3. End with Call to Action

End your blog descriptions with a call to action. It will provoke the curiosity of your audience to click on your result and read your content.

Best Call to Action examples

  • Read more
  • Let’s see the shocking truth!
  • What to know more?
  • Click to read more
  • Here’s how to get it!

 4. Make it interactive & Use “I” And “You”

If your blog descriptions are more like talking to them personally, then they more likely to click on your link.

5. Make Use of POWER Words

You may already know how important the power words in the title of your blog post, similarly if you could use some power words in your blog descriptions as well. It will hit hike your traffic for sure.

 6. Write Unique Blog Descriptions

Make sure all of your web pages have a unique blog meta description. Do not use the same blog descriptions for multiple pages

7. Sound like a Solution

When you write, write like you are giving solutions to their problems. People love solutions. At the same time don’t be an authoritative voice. People don’t like someone to command or show authority on them.

How To Add Blog Descriptions On Blogger?

I hope you understand how to blog descriptions works and how to write a better description for your blog post. The above tutorial is for WordPress users but for those who use Blogger, it’s a bit different to add blog descriptions for Blogger.

Follow this Steps to add blog descriptions in blogger

Blogger dashboard >>> Settings>>> Description >>> Add Blog Description

Blog Description for Blogger
Never Mess with Blog Descriptions and Here are the Reasons Why.


I hope you understood how to add blog descriptions in the blogger now.


The Blog Post description should be limited to 160 characters long and two to three lines max.

Use Your focus keyword in the first line of your blog post description

Do not use the same keyword multiple times in your blog post description

Build curiosity in your readers

Sound like a solution to a problem, a solution is what they are looking for.

Offer countable results. People like numbers, so get their attention

Do not use Authoritative words.

Stay away from negative words



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