5 Deceptive and Common Blogging Mistakes for Beginners

5 Deceptive and Common Blogging Mistakes for Beginners

5 Deceptive and Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

If you started new and it is natural to make some common blogging mistakes. In fact, every blogger will commit these common blogging mistakes, and eventually, they will learn and reverse engineer these blogging mistakes and fix them.

That takes quite a bit of time to learn through your blogging journey and to know which blogging mistakes to avoid. But there are few common blogging mistakes to avoid right from the beginning

People think blogging is easy and it’s a no brainer game. They only know when they started to write something. They could hardly write one or two posts at max and then they realize it isn’t an easy job.

Whoever starts writing they tend to mess things up at the beginning. There was a saying “Good writing comes only after so many bad writings”.

Likewise, It’s common for any new blogger to make blogging mistakes. You call yourself a good blogger only after you commit so many blogging mistakes and learned from them.

Today I am gonna explain very common blogging mistakes to avoid. These are basic roadblocks for any blogger and everything else comes next in the place.

List of Five Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid for Beginners

  • Being Inconsistent
  • Inadequate Writing
  • Not Promoting Your Blog
  • Avoid the Blogging Communities
  • Self Centered Writing

The Primitive and One of Most Common Blogging Mistakes is Being Inconsistent

Inconsistency is the most common blogging mistakes that I see in every beginner that I come across. If you really wanna become a successful blogger then there is only one way out that is to be consistent. Consistency just not in writing but also promoting your content, looking after SEO, competitors’ keyword research, and every other aspect of your blogging journey.

You have that passion to start a blog. I congratulate you for that. But if you don’t have a strategy for writing and publication consistently. Eventually, you will start telling yourself that you don’t have to write anything and this may not works out for you.

The best strategy to maintain the consistency is to target for 3-5 posts per week and schedule your post for publications. Make it part of your daily life, you don’t get motivation every day but if it’s become a routine then you don’t need a motivation to do things like that.

You will do it anyway and your blog eventually becomes successful. In fact, the whole blogging business plays by this rule.

“Success is about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success” – The Rock

My Interest on my schedule

In all honestly, you do not throw garbage on your blog just because of your 3-5 posts per week schedule. Choose quality over quantity. Try writing only 3 but 3 good and informative blog posts that solve your audience’s problems.

As a matter of fact, 10 rubbish blogs cant get traffic as much as 1 quality blogs get.  Check out the detailed guide for Blogging Consistency 

The Subsequent of Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid is Inadequate Writing

Speaking about Poor Writing, I remember this quote “A day of bad writing is better than a day of no writing” But this doesn’t apply when it comes to writing for your blog.

Basically, Bad Attire on a romantic date is what your girlfriend/boyfriend, is what bad writing is to your reader on his/her first visit to your site. It’s the biggest turn-off and let your reader decide whether or not to re-visit your blog again.

A flawless piece of content leaves the impression that you are a professional blogger and it will bring you more traffic. How do you feel if you reading a post full of grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes? It makes it hard for you to get the point, isn’t it?

Bad Writing is like Bad Woman there is not much you can do about it.

Writing is an art.. do it write to avoid blogging mistakes

Do not do those mistakes when you are writing your piece. Make sure you have your grammar checked and proofread before you put it on air. Use spell checkers, grammar checkers to proofread your work that will make a whole lot of difference

Avoid Bad writing and do the best research to write useful and informative posts. You can check my recent post about How to write a compelling blogpost 

Not giving Priority for Promoting your Blog

One of the biggest mistakes I see bloggers making is they don’t promote their own content enough. Granted, there are some who go overboard and do nothing but self-promotion, which is not the right way to go.

If you are selling something you must need publicity, right? how else people will get you to know. It’s the same with writing content. you have to promote your content.

If you are a good marketing person then you have to be little crazy

Promote Your Blog to avoid blogging mistakes

Do not just rely on your SEO and take things for granted. You have to put it out on social media and every other platform that is possible. Build a strategy for promoting your content and do it till you get enough organic traffic then you can relax on the promotion part.

Spare some time to promote your blog and be available on every social media platform

Here are 107 ways that you can promote your blog

Not taking Advantage of Blog Communities

You are not alone; I am here with you. Remember out beloved MJ song? yes, you are not alone in blogging beginners battle. every day many people joining our community.

All these new bloggers are talented writers looking forward to squad up and grow together. Looking forward to joining the beginner bloggers community and meet new people.

Share your experiences, and tools that you found and share guest posts and knowledge that you gained to grow as a community. I can be damn sure about it that alone you can’t be successful bloggers.

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” – Margaret J. Wheatley

Join Blogging Communities - Avoid Blogging Mistakes

Your blog needs the pool effort to become a brand. Make yourself go around and find people from the same niche and offer your services and take their advice.

Even I have made this mistake when I have started blogging. I used not to collab with people. I don’t use to showcase their work. You can create a group for your self and put little effort. You will have a hand full of new bloggers that is ready to help you grow.

Use Facebook to create groups and share useful information for new bloggers and grow your community.

Collaborate with a blogger in every possible way and take advantage of all the social media platforms and join groups. Showcase your work and promote your blog.

Click here to see Best Communities to Join

Self-centered Writing

This means you probably writing for yourself, of course, a lot many people do that to share their work and researches just to document their effort.

Unless you are blogging just to document your work, you need to write content in audience perspective. Remember if it is not adding value to your reader then your reader won’t read it. It is that simple.

“Always mystify, torture, mislead, and surprise the audience as much as possible.” ― Don Roff

Dont be trump - avoid blogging mistakes

Not to mention you need to focus on audience perspective and answering their problems.

You are not writing for yourself but for your audience

Best Writing Techniques for your blog post


If you know the rules then it will be easy for you to break them. Similarly, if you know the common blogging mistakes to avoid, then you will be extra careful when you writing and publishing your posts. These five blogging mistakes that I listed are basic blogging mistakes but there are more mistakes you may cross paths with. those blogging mistakes can be fixed as you get along with your journey.

If you have any other common blogging mistakes to avoid kindly comment them below. I appreciate you for taking the time to read my article.

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